AB Exercises: The basics

AB Exercises: The basics

Best Ab Exercises: Which Exercise Works the Most Abdominal Muscles?

If you are looking to achieve a six pack then you need to have the right ab exercises incorporated into your training regime. Sounds simple but when you think of the classic ab exercises, you may think of those ab crunches and sit-ups but the best core exercises recruit most of the muscles in the abdominal region and stabilize your midsection. To get the best results for your body, it is best to perform a combination of core exercises and classic abdominal exercises.

Best Ab Exercises: How to Work Your Lower Abdominals

Whether you wish to believe it your lower ab definition has more to do with your diet rather that training. It is no coincidence that a large portion of your digestive system rests where your lower abs are.

Even if you are on one of the best diets, poor posture and muscle imbalances can cause your lower abdominal region to appear to be out of shape. If you think an ab exercise is for your lower abdominals, it could actually be working the hip flexors.

The Best Ab Exercises: Performed on the Floor

Some of the best ab exercises do not require any fancy equipment. Performing ab exercises on the floor is the simplest and cheapest way, what’s more they can be done anytime and virtually anywhere.

Floor Crunches

Start: Lay flat on the floor. Have your hands behind your head for more resistance, or at your chest for less resistance.

You can have your feet up in the air which takes your hip flexors out of the equation so your abdominals can contract fully.

The best tip for crunches is to contract your glutes (butt) while you do them. The hip flexors oppose the glutes; therefore, if your glutes are contracted, the hip flexors cannot contract.

Begin the motion: Reach your elbows up towards the ceiling. You should concentrate on squeezing your rib cage towards your hips, which is the abdominal contraction.

Modifications: You can perform crossing crunches to involve your obliques. You can hold a weight plate, dumbbell or resistance band behind your head to make the floor crunch more difficult.


Start: Lay flat on your back. Pin your feet under something. You can also have a partner hold your feet down.

Begin the motion: Sit up, lifting your elbows toward the ceiling. Stop when your elbows reach their highest point.

Do not bring your elbows to touch your knees. Lower yourself under complete control.

Modifications: You can have your arms folded at your chest for the least resistance, behind for intermediate resistance, or hold a weight for advanced resistance.


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