How To Flatten Your Stomach With These Exercises

How To Flatten Your Stomach With These Exercises

A flat stomach mainly signifies that you watch what you eat and that you keep fit not to mention a more toned torso makes you less prone to injury and makes you stronger and this is because the dozens of muscles in this area are greatly involved in every movement your body makes. In order to get a flat stomach you need to pick exercises that burn belly fat as well as tone the tummy.

Here are some exercises for a flat stomach you can do, whether it is at home or at the gym.


These are great for engaging as many muscles as possible in an effort to get a flatter tummy. Burpees involve going from a pushup position, then to a jump and finally back to the pushup position. This exercise hits every single muscle from your head to your toes.

Kick the legs backwards into pushup position and perform a pushup, then almost immediately reverse your movement, then perform a jump once you stand and that is one rep.

Val slide Leg Curl

This exercise works on both your backside and your stomach so it is ideal for a flat tummy. It works on the abdominal muscles and upper back helping with poor posture also hitting the muscle groups in your lower body that rev up metabolism. With your knees bent lie on your back with your heels resting on a pair of Val slides. Lift the hips such that the body forms a straight line from the knees to the shoulders. Extend your legs as far as possible without allowing curvature of the back. Hold the position and using your hamstring and glutes pull your heels back towards your body till you resume the starting position.

Medicine-Ball Slam

This explosive movement requires association of all the muscles of your torso. Hold the medicine ball above your head while your feet are shoulder-width apart and slam the ball on the floor as hard as possible then catch the rebound and repeat. Increasing the velocity and power with which you do this exercise will increase your heart rate significantly helping you effectively burn belly fat.

Dumbbell Hot-Potato Squat

Squats hit the largest muscle groups which comprise of the hamstrings, quads and glutes while the dumbbell toss works on your upper body and increases heart rate. Hold a medium to light weight dumbbell in the racked position as your elbow is bent and the end rests near your shoulder. Proceed to squat down such that the quads are parallel to the floor and immediately pop up to standing while tossing the dumbbell from one hand to the other in front of your face.

Holding the weight on one side of the body increases the demand that is placed on your core and as the weight shifts from one side to the other core muscles are worked on from every angle.

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